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Mobile use has skyrocketed. Nowadays, every business must have a website tailored for mobile phones and devices.


According to Google, a whopping 75% of customers prefer mobile-friendly websites (July, 2012). Address your customers' needs by going mobile today. When considering modern web design and creating a website, smartphones and mobile devices play a central role, acting as mini, portable computers.


Most people enjoy accessing and browsing the Internet with them. Designing websites for mobile devices are not the same as designing them for laptop or PC use. The mobile web development process must take many unique factors into consideration.


Since mobile devices are much smaller than regular computer screens, websites must be designed to fit mobile screens so that they can be easily navigated. As such, content will be trimmed, simplified and unnecessary images and videos must be optimized or removed.


Website usability is key for mobile users, who want a website they can quickly and easily access on the go. Yet, they also want the same content. It is important to find a balance between maximum content and user interface simplification.




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Users do not want to wait, and proper mobile web design and mobile SEO will cut down on the waiting process by implementing features that suggest actions are performed instantly— even if they are still being resolved server-side.


This is called "responsive web design." An example of this process can be seen through the "like" function on popular social media websites. When the button is pressed it immediately shows that you have liked an item, even though the server is still processing the request.

This style of design understands the value of a customer's time by providing them with the impression that their requests are being processed immediately.


Responsive design is also known as mobile web design. Every year, mobile Internet usage grows by 30% (Neilson Research). In fact, many experts predict that mobile web use will eventually become more popular than the desktop due to its portability.


Some of our responsive or mobile SEO services include:

    • Responsive Web Design
    • SEO Responsive Design
    • Responsive Design And SEO
    • Mobile SEO
    • Web Mobile Development
    • SEO for Mobile


    Compatibility is a major issue for information-hungry consumers. A mobile website must benefit from efficient responsive web design, which is also known as responsive web design, SEO responsive design, mobile web design, mobile website design, mobile web development, and web mobile development.


    Your website competes with other multimedia devices, such as TV, DVD, and cinema for people’s attention. Responsive web design is a word for mobile web design — it will drive online traffic for your business. Tear people away from their television screens and keep them glued to your mobile website with efficient responsive web design. At SEO Business Solutionsn, we’ll help you add some spark to your website with a variety of responsive websites for you to choose from.


    Every website our web design company creates incorporates responsive and functional mobile web design. Contact us with your questions about responsive web design and custom website design services. Our professional web design company can be reached by phone at (416) 953-2183.



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