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Video SEO is a modern form of advertising technology. It directly engages the consumer by incorporating their input into the outcome of the advertisement.

Video is a form of technology that allows users to interact with the content. It is a form of digital multimedia presentation that can take users' input and perform actions. This can come in many different forms such as user choices that influence outcome, or video technology that allows a user to navigate through different levels of content.

SEO video is a situational technology, but when it is applied effectively it can provide astonishing and lasting results. Video SEO adds a personalized touch to Internet marketing.

Video SEO is best used as a storytelling device. Like content writing, it seeks to portray a particular concept in a creative way. Perhaps a company has a long history and wants to run an interactive advertising campaign. Developing a video that interacts with users is a useful method for creating a lasting impression.

By directly engaging consumers, a company can convince their audience that it is worth investing their time in a particular product or a service. If a company is willing to provide an interactive medium that is innovative and captivating, than a user will feel more willing to complete the entirety of the experience— which means that your products or services will receive more exposure.

The result is a memorable impact. Additionally, Video SEO is a great form of social media marketing, since it is easily shared amongst the various social media platforms. A fresh and appealing interactive advertisement can grow in popularity in very little time if it captivates its audience.

video marketing




A customer navigates to a shopping website that has developed an interactive video to demonstrate a new line of clothing. The video showcases a model with each piece of clothing, accessory, and product related to the line. The video includes attractive colors, a well-placed theme, and strong imagery to draw in the consumer. When the user hovers over the product, the video presents a brief description and the price. If the user clicks the product, it redirects them to the specific page related to that particular item. All of these features are built into the video, and directly cater to that specific line.



Bob Dylan’s creative team assembled an innovative and entertaining Video SEO. In this example, the music video presents a television showcasing common channels and programs. His famous song, “Like a Rolling Stone”, is featured as the song for the video. What makes this video unique? While the song plays, the user can cycle the channels of the television and each channel’s content is directly lip-synced to the particular part of the song. This is a great example of how video SEO can draw in a specific audience if it is used properly.



SEO Business Solutions is a Toronto internet marketing company and we are ready and capable of producing interactive multimedia for our clients. Our creative web design team is flowing with ideas and methods to represent your product in an inspirational internet marketing plan. Interactive video is often overlooked in the design process, and this has created an exclusive niche for this form of multimedia. We are ready to turn your concepts into an engaging and welcoming form of entertainment.

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