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During your initial consultation, an SEO Business Solutions manager meets with you to gain a thorough understanding of your project goals, vision, and we willl develop a budget estimate. However, incremental web development costs are inevitable. 


Building and maintaining a website is a large task. Staying organized is important. At SEO Business Solutions, we offer all of our clients a step-by-step process in order to help them understand the different stages of the development cycle.





We customize each plan to suit the needs of individual businesses. The first step: learning as much as possible about your business, so that we can tailor a marketing strategy that’s right for you. We schedule a meeting to discuss your website needs and requirements. At this initial assessment, our experts seek to understand your company’s brand, overall goals, and expectations. We also share samples of our high-quality work with you, so you can see our marketing expertise in action.


This initial assessment requires no obligation, and there is no pressure involved. By the end of the meeting, you will understand, overall, how SEO Business Solutions can meet your marketing needs. Also, you will understand the probable cost and time frame for the work involved.



Developing an online marketing strategy that meets your long-term goals is our main priority. SEO Business Solutions wants to understand what drives your business: what are your values, priorities, and expectations?



After our initial meeting, we will conduct research of comparable websites. Then, we will draft a comprehensive proposal, personalized for your business and present it to you in a timely manner. The proposal outlines the scope of the work, gives you a timeline for proposed completion, and an overall cost estimate. You are welcome to make any suggestions or corrections to the plan and tweak it to your satisfaction.


When the proposal has been accepted and the initial deposit paid our dedicated team gets to work designing your website. We begin by presenting you with a two-page layout of the customized website design. At this point, we are still open to your suggestions: you can accept the design, make further suggestions, or reject it altogether.


Based on these results we either begin re-designing the layout or coding the website. SEO Business Solutions will also register domain name(s) on your behalf, and set up a web hosting account if needed. Content writing and graphic design concepts will be presented to you as they are developed. As a client, it is up to you whether you want to be updated frequently or at the end of a given stage.





There are countless website features to choose from depending on your goals.  How can we design a sitemap to highlight these features? The site map is an important aspect of a website. It allows Google's spiders to crawl a website more efficiently, and a well-optimized sitemap will rank higher on major search engines.



Using the latest technology, we can design a website that meets your technical requirements (e.g. for e-commerce, social media, interactive video, graphic design, etc.). We will develop a website that incorporates whatever technical aspects you require.



Without information, your website is meaningless. We design your site so that information is presented in the best way possible (with content management systems, database structures, management, etc.).



See our vision come to life— we create a final template that gives clients a clear idea of what their website will look like. Once the template is approved, official web development begins.

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SEO Business Solutions ensures that you are not kept in the dark as your company’s website is designed: we keep you informed throughout the entire process. In fact, we give you a link to the work-in-progress, so you can see changes as they are made daily.


We are always open to your suggestions and feedback, and will adjust our work accordingly. At this point, the website will be coming into form, concepts will be developed and put into action, and the overall execution of a strategy will be underway.




Our web designers take pride in the web design services that we offer to our valued customers. The outcome: a strong, stable website that lasts. Quality is our main priority throughout the entire web design and development process. Just like when building a house, steps must be followed and no steps can be skipped or overlooked. Our web services are held to the highest standards and quality control procedures.


SEO Business Solutions has streamlined the custom website design process into three stages, and we understand that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we will make personal adjustments at each stage to meet the needs of unique companies. Our web designers are adaptable and ready to take on your challenges.


As new ideas emerge— related to content, functionality, etc. projects usually grow in scope. It’s difficult to quote a fixed price from the beginning; instead, we account for necessary and sometimes unpredictable budget costs that can occur throughout the process. SEO Business Solutions highlights the potential for extra costs up front, so that customers will feel secure with our quoting process.




Branding is an important aspect of any business. Creating a proper logo is the quickest way to achieve brand recognition. The logo creation process will involve in-depth market research, analysis of your competitions' business plan and logo, discussion with our graphic designers, and the eventual creation of a unique logo. The logo creation stage is an essential component of the webpage design process.




SEO Business Solutions values your feedback. At this early stage in the web page design process, we meet with you to discuss the initial design and marketing strategy. Taking your feedback into consideration our web designers create a concept design. Once this final design is approved, and any final changes made, we begin the content marketing stage.


The content marketing process will consist of an analysis of your competition. By studying their businesses we will identify their strengths and weaknesses. Following this, we will conduct specific keyword research.


This research will allow us to identify the target keywords that will generate successful searches. With this knowledge, we will develop target-specific content that will generate results and translate directly into sales.


Clients are the most important aspect of a business. Our content marketing strategies will provide targeted marketing that draws in new business and maintains the loyalty of old customers.


Any new business we create will generate profits. New traffic on your website will increase the popularity of your products or services.


With an increased and satisfied group of clients and with increased sales, long-term sucess will be generated for your business. This is the fastest way to provide a direct return on your investment, and our high-quality web services will ensure that your business continues to grow.




After final approval and extensive testing, we will publish your website. The published version will be the one that your business takes live.




If you keep your website updated on a regular basis with fresh, interesting content people will keep coming back for more. Not only will you get repeat visitors, fresh content will also improve your search engine rankings. Web trends are constantly evolving, and it is important to stay on top of any new developments.

Working with SEO Business Solutions is a team effort and we respect your opinion. Our friendly, respectful, and highly-skilled staff takes pride in their work. We are customer-service oriented and your satisfaction is our main priority. Our work is prompt and last-minute changes are handled without fuss. SEO Business Solutions is also dedicated to your success and will provide you with a superior service you cannot find elsewhere.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at (416) 953-2183.

SEO Business Solutions is a unique website design company that provides each of its clients with a careful, step-by-step process when designing their website.



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