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There are many myths surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it works. It is our goal to help our clients understand the process so that they are aware of how SEO functions. The power of SEO should not be underestimated.


SEO is a useful strategy to generate business leads, increase sales, build brand recognition and social networks. Google's success as a search engine is based solely on its ability to bring relevant content to its users. This is achieved by delivering content that's relevant to the online searcher within the first two pages Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
SEO is a very time-consuming process and involves multiple factors that can be classified into two categories.



Best described as a page that has been optimized using Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. We have created an on page SEO checklist to assist you in determining whether you have fully optimized each page of your website.

• Duplicate content management
• Site architecture and coding
• Versions and goals
• Headings, page titles, and meta tags
• Site speed or uptime
• Rich content and/or content marketing
• Keyword and content optimization



Off page SEO involves traffic driving factors that reside outside of your website. Listed below are some of these factors.

• Link building
• Deep linking
• Blogs and articles
• Press releases
• Keyword research
• Social optimization

Web sites that offer relevant and unique content for a keyword search are ranked highest in the search results. Typically, online searchers only view the first or second page of the search engine results. Search engines use complex algorithms that are constantly updated to determine which sites should rank the highest for popular keywords. As previously outlined, there are many factors involved in a successful internet marketing strategy.

SEO is comprised of knowledge, SEO keyword research, and website analysis to determine the best Internet marketing strategy for a particular business or industry.

A solid on-page and off-page marketing strategy involves all of the components listed in the illustration above. The business leads generated by many companies are directly impacted by their search engine rankings. Businesses that do not have a strong online visibility lose potential leads which, ultimately, leads to lost revenues. A successful SEO strategy increases online visibility since Internet searchers seeking a certain businesses' services find them easily on the first page of the SERP. Revamping a website for SEO optimization often involves revising content, researching successful SEO keywords, and analyzing whether on-page and off-page SEO are being employed effectively.

There are many factors that decide whether a website's SEO has been completed according Google's strict standards. It is important that your website remains ethical and maintains an organic and natural presence.


SEO consists of ten key components. Each component plays an essential part in the SEO process. It is important to understand how each of these factors works.


Proper keyword use is the most important component of a successful SEO strategy. Downtown Web Design is experienced in identifying relevant, local keywords that will broaden your local customer base and search results. Through the use of our sophisticated software, we will research, analyze, and develop a strong list of keywords that will help your website become recognized on the Internet. Our in-depth analysis of the best keywords will also help your website reach new users.



A successful SEO strategy alone is not enough to guarantee the success of your website. Links are important to the survival of a website, but often, quality is more important than quantity. Downtown Web Design knows how to efficiently use link building to ensure that you remain on the ethical side of Google's search standards. It is important to avoid link spam and other black hat SEO techniques. These methods can blacklist your website on the major search engines and lead to the death of your site. Do not fear, our expertise can help you improve your website if you have become blacklisted due to poor link building in the past. With our help, we will recover the reputation of your website, and help you rise to the top of the search engines. Remember, the best-designed websites will maintain ethical standards while still being able to drive traffic to the site. Finding this balance is essential.



Sitemaps are important for SEO because they allow search engines to quickly digest your page and rank it accordingly. Sitemaps are not important for the individual user, but they are essential for Google. A website's sitemap is a blueprint for your website. Having an optimized sitemap will ensure that Google can properly index your website, which will increase its exposure. Downtown Web Design is experienced in the creation of efficient sitemaps that will be recognized by Google.



SEO is not a technical version of coding or programming. At the most basic level, the process of software development revolves around search engine compliance. SEO is a fine-tuning tool that is capable of providing analysis and the verification of a website. Downtown Web Design is always following the new trends in SEO development, and our company will provide you with a high-quality and well-optimized website.



Every website has categories and related sections. The process of Web Design relates to how these categories work together to boost the relevancy of your website. Through a silo effect, a properly optimized website will become more recognizable on Google. However, it is important to establish an adequate content-to-code ratio. Over coding to increase a website's exposure will see it punished, since Google can detect when a website is being unethical. Downtown Web Design’s team of talented web developers are knowledgeable in proper content management systems and are capable of providing your website with reliable risk management.



Domains may change ownership, but the reputation these domains carried will always remain with them. Any reputable SEO specialist will understand the importance of managing a website's reputation. It is important to investigate the past and to protect for the future. Downtown Web Design will protect your image and will clean up loose ends from the past.

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SEO strategy involves the process in which a website adopts a tested strategy that will provide increased visibility. A proper SEO strategy will involve the use of keyword research, analysis, and content writing. The goal of this technique is to increase website click through rate (CTR), which is a measurement of a webpage’s clicks-to-impressions ratio.



Social networking is a vital component of a successful website. Tapping into social media will multiply a website's presence online. The proper use of social media will provide a website with a more "human touch," and will attract more business. Google dislikes unnatural link building. Luckily, the use of social media will provide a website with a natural pulse which can still adhere to the strict guidelines laid out by Google. Downtown Web Design’s services will increase your social presence while also avoiding any potential interruptions in business as a result of unethical search practices on Google. We will develop brand recognition through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and many social media platforms.



The content on a website must be seamless and natural. Honing in on a specific theme, the benefits from keyword research will yield results. By following a theme, a website can optimize its search results to trigger from relevant or similar keywords. This process is not as simple as it sounds. It requires an extensive knowledge of keyword research, a proper notion of website optimization, content organization, and content promotion. SEO content can be represented in the form of product pages, blogs, articles, lists, and many other types. By tying all of these forms together using thematic SEO content, a website will become recognized.



An Internet marketing company will gauge who visits a website. Using cutting edge analytical software, Downtown Web Design has perfected a system that is capable of analyzing the trends and providing a specialized SEO strategy. By understanding the type of traffic that visits a website, a web developer can customize the online experience to better fit this audience, and they also can broaden the scope using SEO content to incorporate new visitors.



A website on page ten of a Google search is irrelevant. Research has proven that the first result on Google receives roughly 32.5% of the clicks while the second result receives 17.6%. Ranking is important if you want your website to be discovered. In order to differentiate your website from the crowd the use of a proper SEO strategy is essential.



A successful website will be well-optimized for all devices, including personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It is important for a website to function on all platforms so that it can incorporate all potential users. Additionally, it is important that a website be properly optimized for SEO and have accurate, but efficient descriptions. Downtown Web Design has proven methods that are capable of providing our clients with a natural website that will lead to increased traffic.




Your website needs to be written and formatted in a certain way so that Google can effectively index your site. This ensures that Google “spiders” can easily “crawl” your web pages. This process directly affects your SEO ranking, because if Google doesn’t recognize and cannot categorize your website it will simply be lost in cyberspace. A professional web developer will make sure that your website is designed in a way that Google spiders can index it with ease.



This involves using techniques that Google classifies as unethical. Pages that rely on black hat techniques are usually short-term websites that have no long-term viability. Examples of black hat SEO include stuffing a website with keywords that are hidden in a background or off-screen, or presenting Google's spiders with a tailored page that will boost rankings and then providing human users with a different and less optimized page, commonly known as cloaking. These are all techniques to avoid, since they're a waste of valuable resources and generate no long-term results.



White hat techniques are a secure and long-term investment. All methods of white hat SEO are ethical, organic, and accepted by Google. By following a strict white hat regime, your website will be visible and on the right side of the law. Common white hat SEO techniques include writing quality content that is engaging and draws users in, using strong, relevant titles and metadata and conducting proper keyword research that ensures the use of relevant keywords.



The content on your website must be carefully chosen— it must include targeted information that is relevant to your chosen search criteria. Your target audience is looking for certain information, and when you include SEO keywords on your website you improve your SEO ranking when those terms are searched for on Google. There are several factors involved, including keyword density, content relevancy, page title, to name a few. To achieve high SEO rankings you need a significant amount of high-quality content.



Your status online matters. Google values other websites’ approval of you— when other high-ranking websites link to your site, Google takes notice. The link must be well configured and both websites must be related to each other. Relevancy is key. Developing a mutually beneficial relationship with other websites in your industry could significantly boost your SEO rankings. Linking must be organic, and creating a natural feel is an important part of the SEO process.


Don’t leave SEO to the last minute. You need to consider SEO during each stage of the process, from start to finish. Before you start it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will your visitors gain from your site (what is the value)?
  • How will your website benefit you and help you reach your goals?

Once you have addressed these concerns you will be ready to start designing and optimizing your website. Hire a professional since SEO is very complex.

 Our web developers are here to help you achieve the highest SEO rankings possible. A well-developed SEO strategy is one of the best long-term investments you could make. Invest in your success today. Contact us by phone at (416) 953-2183.

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