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Don’t let your website fade into obscurity. There are countless businesses competing for the same clients, and with billions of websites on the Internet it’s easy for yours to get lost in the mix. Get noticed and receive the attention you deserve with the help of our skilled, professional Internet marketing experts at SEO Business Solutions.


No one wants a website that people cannot find. Our experts use the latest technology and cutting-edge strategies to make sure your website is search engine optimized. This includes an industry targeted SEO strategy for our clients. Our team will do a comprehensive SEO analysis of your existing site, conduct extensive keyword research and exceed your Internet marketing milestones. When potential customers search for a product or service you offer, your website will be one of the first to show up in their results.


This increases the likelihood that your website is found and your services utilized. We offer clients personalized plans that will drastically improve your local search engine ranking, using specific keywords, in over 10 major search engine directories, including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Fast/Alltheweb, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory, Hot Bot, AOL websites and WiseNut.


We are results driven. All clients will receive two detailed reports: The first report will highlight your search engine rankings prior to optimization, and the second will include your rankings post-optimization. That way you can easily compare both reports to see how your rankings have improved. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.




      • Personalized keyword research & consultation
      • Site content consultation
      • URL registration to top search engines
      • Increase critical traffic to your site
      • Create natural content that is ethnical

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By researching specific keywords and phrases, such as your business name or specific services you offer, we can improve your organic ranking on every high-volume search engine. These techniques are used to drive traffic to your website, and to attract specific customers who are interested in your services. This is what makes SEO marketing such a successful and sought-after tool for every prosperous business.


SEO Business Solutions maintains high integrity and respect for your business or company: that’s why we do not use any tricks or shortcuts in our process that will get your website in trouble with search engine companies. Our techniques are proven— you can rest assured that your company will have the best exposure possible at the end of the process.


Our SEO marketing services do more than simply attract potential clients to your company’s website. Our goal is to turn these qualified prospects into sales. SEO Business Solutions’s results-driven approach will ensure that you sell more products, promote your services, generate leads, and create more brand awareness. Each campaign is personalized to meet your specific needs and objectives.

 SEO is not a simple process. People often assume that SEO is as simple as plugging in keywords. This myth is false. Despite this, Downtown Web Design is here to handle the technical aspects of SEO with our streamlined process.



Why do keywords matter? Keywords are the most relevant and popular terms that individuals use when researching certain topics. Downtown Web Design uses cutting-edge techniques and tools to determine the most commonly used keywords and keyword phrases for your industry.



Downtown Web Design reviews your current website and decides which web pages need content changes to better integrate keywords and keyword phrases.



We research your competition to discover which businesses rank highest for certain keywords we are targeting. We will find their strategies, direct their weaknesses and develop you an SEO strategy that will put you ahead of them in the rankings.


Link building is a way to increase traffic to your website. We will find out who is linking to your site, and where they are linking from. More importantly, we determine if there are other prime locations that would link to you. New content will be added to your website and social media options will be developed. Your image will begin to be developed on the internet and a positive reputation will be established. The fast-paced Internet is constantly evolving: Trends, software, algorithms, etc. change all the time. We make sure your website stays current and relevant with any new content that we add.

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