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Every business needs a plan. Without a proper strategy, the chances of success are severely diminished.


An SEO strategy is a company's comprehensive and long-term blueprint of the online efforts that will ultimately result in increased online popularity, and higher search rankings. Often, it will outline how a businesses' SEO strategy will address immediate needs, long-term goals, and how the components of the Internet marketing strategy will deliver results. Every company needs an SEO plan. If you are planning to develop a presence online, it is important to establish a proper SEO strategy. A successful company will have detailed online marketing strategies that fit with their overall business goals and culture.

Downtown Web Design's Internet marketing team will help you find your audience. It is never too late to start building your presence on the Internet. Working with our team, we will help you develop a successful SEO strategy plan that will outline the required steps to build your online image. All of the internet marketing strategies that we develop will take into consideration your current business model. We accommodate all of our clients, and we ensure that any strategies developed will remain profitable for them. Using our strategy, we will optimize your website so that it stands out above your competition. If you follow the plan that we develop, we can guarantee an increased performance for your website and a significant return on investment (ROI). It is our goal to inspire confidence in our clients through our dedication and proven results.


SEO Analysis

Our SEO strategy service will begin with an overall website analysis of your current business structure. We will produce a long and a summarized report for our clients that details the positive and negative aspects of their current business plan. Our team of SEO specialists will take the time to understand the ins and outs of your industry.

Website Audit and SEO Optimization

Following the SEO analysis, we will put your website to the test. We will apply the strict standards that Google applies to your website in order to see how it scores. We will produce another report that outlines the problems. During this step, we will also begin to properly optimize your website for SEO. It is important that your website adheres to Google SEO guidelines, and that it ranks highly in relevant searches.

Web Design

Once we discover the flaws of your website we will develop a design that we feel strengthens your business as a whole. A strong design is an important aspect of a useful SEO strategy since it neatly ties together all the other components into a sleek and functional design.

Strategic Planning

Once the website design is finalized, the overall development of the SEO strategy can also be completed. With your design in mind, we will craft you a unique and personalized SEO strategy that will provide guaranteed results and a substantial return on investment.


If you have any questions about our Internet marketing strategies please feel free to contact us for a free SEO analysis or website SEO analysis by phone at (416) 731-6831, or by email at

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