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Social media marketing is a great form of online advertising.   A successful business will have a strong connection to the social media scene, but without proper integration it will prove to be ineffective.


At the most basic level, social media is a modern platform that provides ease of access to content for users. It connects billions of people through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many others.


Social media was invented for personal use. These days businesses, both small and large, are discovering they cannot live without it. Social media might have been doubted or scoffed at in the early days. Yet, currently many businesses are benefitting from using social media platforms, and these benefits include increased brand awareness, bigger profits, and a high return on investment. Social media has become the new buzzword.


With social media marketing, businesses can connect with their audience on a constant basis, and your clients are able to enjoy this personalized contact. People value, and even expect, continuous updates from their favorite companies (such as new product launches, etc.). So, don’t let your competitors get the upper hand— embrace social media and watch your business flourish.


Simply being plugged into social media websites isn’t enough. You need to use these platforms in an appropriate and strategic manner to get the most value out of your online marketing efforts. With proper use, you can instantly connect with your clients. You can also generate referral business with your followers and your followers’ online connections. Most people have hundreds of Facebook friends, after all. Who knows how many people you could reach simply through one individual user and their word of mouth advertisement?




SEO Business Solutions can integrate social media platforms on your website with ease. For example, adding Facebook “Like” buttons and Twitter feeds to your site guarantees that your social media platforms are easily found and accessed by new and returning visitors. We can provide basic integration of the most common social media sites, to more advanced, deep-level integration of established and emerging social media outlets. We also offer social media management services that will conduct interaction on your company's behalf.




    • A strong social media marketing strategy will yield high-quality results that impact a businesses' long-term success.
    • Building a strong online image is essential to the execution of a social media marketing plan.
    • Interact with Customers Daily
    • Interacting with customers on a daily basis through social media is absolutely necessary.
    • Customer service is key: when clients know their opinions matter and feel understood your popularity will rise.
    • When you know what your customers like, dislike, and any fresh ideas they might have you can use this information to continuously improve your business.




    Social media is a great platform for offering exclusive deals and promotions to your most loyal customers. It’s an age-old marketing tool. Yet, with modern technology it’s much easier to measure the success of your campaign by making these promotions exclusive to social media.




    There’s little delay with social media. Now, customers can have their concerns, complaints, and suggestions addressed almost instantaneously— this does wonders for customer satisfaction. Businesses can also take a proactive stance by monitoring what people are saying online about their brand on a regular basis. When you know where your reputation stands, you can use this powerful information to improve your image and services.

    Large companies may seem impersonal or even intimidating to the general public. With social media, your business can break down barriers, and show a more amiable, down-to-earth side that appeals to visitors. When customers associate a “human face” with your brand they feel more comfortable interacting, and sharing ideas with you.





    By inviting visitors to contribute content, businesses can bond and connect with the public on a meaningful level. Not only will your brand awareness increase, so does your popularity and sales. Consider Burberry’s “Art of the Trench” website as a prime example. In addition, user-created content will create links directly to your website. This is a great combination of social media, and SEO since these links are natural and rank high in Google's strict standards.


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    • Customer interaction
    • Brand metrics
    • Sales
    • Customer retention
    • Generate leads
    • Search marketing
    • Traffic generation
    • Public relations
    • Profit


    Social media marketing isn’t just about driving traffic to your website— it’s about interaction, customer engagement, and nurturing relationships. Many marketing firms forget this point. When you listen to your customers, respect their input, and show that you care about their concerns you not only improve customer loyalty, you attract more qualified clients, and boost your reputation long-term.


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    An online magazine seeks to better connect readers to each other, and increase user participation on the website overall. The other goal: make logging in to share stories, comments, etc. much more convenient for visitors.



    SEO Business Solutions will install Twitter Connect and Facebook Connect (now called Open Graph) to the client’s website. Now, users can easily log in with their Twitter or Facebook accounts, “like” stories and other content, and share information with friends automatically. Visitors can also interact with other Facebook users who read similar articles.



    A client with an ecommerce website wants to announce new products as they launch via Twitter. Visitors can then easily access the site's online store directly from the Twitter feed.



    SEO Business Solutions will integrate Twitter into the back-end of the ecommerce website design. Now, whenever new products are added to the online store the administrator can easily update Twitter with a customized message about the new item(s).




    People connect on social media sites everyday, and initiate discussions about your brand and industry. Yet, social media marketing for your business may seem overwhelming. With so many social media platforms on the Internet, and new outlets emerging all the time, you may wonder where to start. With countless choices to make it’s easy to get sidetracked. You may also fall prey to misconceptions about social media marketing in general, including the following:

    Assuming social media will give you cheap and instant results: Of course, most people recognize the power of social media to increase brand awareness, word of mouth recommendations, and generate business. What they often don’t realize: this takes time. A skilful combination of patience, persistence, and good timing is required. Building your online presence requires meeting, connecting, and sharing with the right individuals.

    Assuming that no special skills are needed to initiate and maintain a successful social media campaign: Familiarity with social media platforms is not enough. Understanding how social media and marketing are connected will provide significant benefits to your company. A fruitful social media campaign requires great skill and a strong Internet marketing strategy, and special training and expertise are required. Every company is unique and will need a personally-tailored social media plan that suits their needs. Deciding whether to focus on one social media network over another is a key component. Depending on your industry, your target audience will prefer certain platforms to others. Which will you choose?


    Some of the social media marketing services we offer include:

      • SEO Social Media
      • Marketing on Social Media
      • Marketing with Social Media
      • Social Bookmarking Service
      • Social Media and Marketing
      • SEO and Social Media
      • Social Media and SEO


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