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There are many restaurants competing for valuable customers.


The best restaurants understand the value of investing in a website, as it is the quickest way to generate exposure. Most users will search for a restaurant online, view the menu, and look at reviews before choosing to commit to a restaurant. Stand above your competition by trusting your restaurant web design needs to SEO Business Solutions. 


An average consumer is not willing to blindly try a restaurant. They will often rely on the reviews of other customers, an online menu, the theme of the restaurant, or the cuisine type. By having a readily available website, you greatly increase your chances of drawing in potential guests.



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    There are many rewards attached to the use of an effective restaurant web design. In addition to attracting more customers, it allows you to display your restaurant online for everyone to see. This tells people that your restaurant exists. Remember, a customer can’t visit your restaurant if they don’t know that you exist. Don’t rely solely on physical impressions, tap into the endless potential of digital impressions.



    By providing your customers with a menu they can arrive prepared to order and with peace of mind that they will be able to order something that they enjoy. An online menu allows you to cater to the complex palate of your guest. Happy customers are paying customers and they are more willing to return and more likely to leave a positive review.



    Research has shown that customers consult reviews 27.7% of the time when they learn about a new restaurant and they will consult the restaurant’s website 27% of the time under the same circumstances. When customers leave reviews it often leads to traffic to your restaurant’s website as the two sources are interconnected. Reviews left on popular sites like Yelp, Google Places, or other review directories are often accompanied by your restaurants link. This is a free and useful source of advertisement. If your restaurant provides an appetizing product and exceptional service, the reviews will be positive which will generate higher sales and returning customers.



    Readily available contact information is a major desire for todays consumers and quality restaurant website design. No one wants to waste their time and this is especially true in the often over-saturated restaurant market. Ensure that your restaurant has proper exposure and that the location is displayed. Often, consumers want to know if there is space at your restaurant, make bookings, or ask general questions. By providing effective web design for restaurants, we will ensure that your contact information is visible for your customers to call and ask any questions that they may have.



    Every neighborhood is littered with various restaurants. This includes your competition that serve the same type of cuisine that yours does. Yet, the restaurant that receives the most success is the one that serves high quality food, excellent service, and has a website. Research shows that customers will consult the website of a restaurant 27% of the time. By creating an appealing website, you will have a 25% larger customer base than your competition. Do not miss out on the endless potential that a website can provide.

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Social media is also an essential aspect for your business to consider during the restaurant web design process. Having a compelling online presence can make your restaurant seem alive and this can arouse the interests of potential, and often skeptical consumers. In most cases, they will choose a restaurant that interacts with fans and consumers over one that is quiet and relies purely on word of mouth. Sway their opinions by having an online voice.



Our web design firm offers a wide arrangement of services for restaurants. Our services include restaurant web design, restaurant competitive analysis and search engine optimization (SEO).



Do you find yourself asking why your competition’s restaurant is landing all of the potential patrons? If this is the case, an in depth analysis is required. SEO Business Solutions provides restaurant competitive analysis services. Using our developed strategies and sophisticated software, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competition and find out what strategies are working for their business. Do they offer a student discount to attract the student population, is their website effectively SEO’d, or do they invest in reputation management services? These are all important questions to ask and through our restaurant competitive analysis program, we will find the answers.



Promotions are an easy way to bring customers through the door. Promotions can be used to target specific demographics and can generate repeat customers. An email marketing campaign is the easiest way to alert customers to your upcoming promotions and it provides them with quick access to the relevant information they want to know. SEO Business Solutions understands restaurant email marketing. Through our research, we will identify the target demographics you are trying to reach and your competition’s advertising strategies. Using this information we will design your restaurant an attractive email marketing campaign that is geared towards generating real sales.



Connecting with consumers is a major part of running a business. Feeding them with new information and engaging them directly is an important aspect of a successful business. If you are running a new promotion, there is no faster way to alert consumers than Twitter. Perhaps you have just updated the menu or hired a new and talented chef, a quick write up on your social media accounts can generate buzz and bring customers through the door. However, it is also important that you maintain a positive image online. Unchecked negative reviews or harmful opinions about your restaurant can leave a major impact on your day to day business.


SEO Business Solutions can provide you with a witty and personable voice online that is geared towards bringing hungry bodies into your restaurant. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive edge and to ensure that you stick to what you went into business for, providing delicious meals. Avoid letting a negative reputation damage your business potential.


Although we are a Toronto based web design company, our services are offered to businesses located all over the world. Before we begin any project for a client, we will research local trends, customs, and your competition. We never make assumptions because we take every one of our clients seriously.


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