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We are a Toronto, Ontario based web design company and we specialize in professional services, like law firm search engine optimization (SEO), law firm web design, and law firm marketing. SEO Business Solutions, has an experienced legal marketing expert with a proven track record of delivering a 500% to 900% Return on Investment.


Our team is seasoned in the legal industry and has an acute understanding of the various areas of law— including employment law, family law, personal injury, litigation, and real estate. Law firms are particularly dependent on their ability to engage clients online— given that most online searchers seeking a lawyer turned to Google to find a lawyer in their local area. The legal web design process should target a specific demographic and geographic area so that it is easy to find on the major search engines. Legal web design should engage prospective clients, provide website content that is relevant to both their area of law, and target audience.


The legal web design process should target a specific demographic and geographic area so that it is easy to find on the major search engines. Legal web design should engage prospective clients, and provide website content that is relevant to both their area of law and target audience.




    • We are results driven and produce only high-quality products
    • We have achieved a 500% increase in business at a national law firm
    • We have a background in the legal industry
    • We understand the wants and needs of a law firm.
    • We are knowledgeable in creating successful websites. 



    A website is the quickest way to grow the client base of your law firm. Even when you are not working, your website is working for you and drawing in potential clients. However, a website on its own is not enough to draw potential leads to your website. It must be properly optimized and attractive in order to engage and maintain the attention of potential clients who are inquiring about whether or not you are the proper law firm for them.


    Your website will quickly lose a user if the content is dull, poorly formatted, or visually unappealing. Law firms make many common mistakes during the legal web design process. Often, they rush to establish a website in the belief that it will instantly generate clients, but in the process, they create a platform that actually drives users away. Remember, when a user visits your website for the first time they will be judging your law firm and will have no issue moving to the competition if the site doesn't reach their specific needs.

    Listed below are some of the common mistakes that are made during the law firm web design process:


    Overly long paragraphs that are far too wordy will disengage users. They will feel that it is unrewarding to read the entire body of the text.
    Poor choice of fonts that distract the eyes and create a lot of visual noises.
    Overuse of bullets, lists are too long, and the information contained isn’t useful.
    Lack of formatting caused by poor spacing, lack of white space, and optimal sentence length.


    law firm seo



Regardless of what area of law you practice, there are hundreds of other law firms offering the same services. How do you rank higher than other law firms on the major search engines? You ensure that you invest in high quality SEO services; this service offers the highest potential Return on Investment (ROI) as it will drive users to your website by allowing it to rank on the first page of Google and other major search engines. Law firm SEO is accomplished through a rigorous keyword research program, a competitive analysis, and the application of these keywords into believable and ‘organic’ content.



    • On-site optimization that makes your website easily readable by the major search engines.
    • We identify keywords that will bring you clients that actually want legal services.
    • Off-site SEO and pay-per-click management, link building will boost your law firm’s visibility.
    • Social media optimization with SEO practices in mind.
    • Statistical reports showing quantitative results.

      A flawless website is nothing if it cannot be found. If you are willing to build an expensive website, take the time to invest in SEO, as it will ensure that your website receives the exposure that it deserves.


      The object of your website is to bring in clients. Thus, it is important that your website display the correct contact information and that it is easy to locate. In addition, it is important to have a contact form for general inquiries that allow users to ask questions. The law is tricky and you want to make sure that you are approachable and helpful to potential clients and their legal questions. If a client is unable to locate your contact information or find the answers to their legal questions, they will find a law firm that can better serve their unique needs.


      According to statistics gathered by SMB DigitalScape:

      • 74.7 percent of SMB websites lacked a contact email.
      • 65.7 percent of SMB websites lacked a general inquiry form.
      • 93.3 percent of SMB websites were not compatible with mobile devices.
      • Avoid having your law firm become another statistic. When you commit to the law firm web design process, build it right the first time.



        Displaying only the legal services you offer is an unsuccessful web strategy. A law firm has to offer more than just legal services; it has to demonstrate that it is a leading expert in their specific area of law. The easiest way to accomplish this is through the development of an online presence through social media networks or a company blog.


        Highly distinguished lawyers can display their legal expertise by posting blog posts about laws, cases, and overall changes to the system. This shows clients that you are knowledgeable, but also that you are human. Many people fear the legal industry for its rigidness. Displaying a human approach will provide peace of mind to potential clients and help them choose your law firm over another one. Social media is a very useful tool for generating exposure and it works well in conjunction with website content. It provides useful links, an online reputation, and a unique image for your law firm.


        Another useful tactic to attract corporate clients is to provide Internet marketing for lawyers is in the form of email marketing or newsletter, especially for corporate clients. This is the best ROI in the Internet marketing business for business to business marketing initiatives. While many emails are ignored, business owners are interested in informative information relative to their business. 


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